To The

Master of the Feast


Lord and Master

Jesus Christ.  

Lord I dare Dedicate my book to none but Thee.

Be Thou the Patron then of It, Thy Day, and Me.

To the Worshipful, much

Honored, and Munificent


John Dutton

of Sheirborne in the County of Gloucester,


Next to my Master Christ ( kind Sir ) to you or none,
This thankful piece pertains, who when the Sheep were gone,
Did comfort Pastors heart, with words most debonnaire,
And with soul saving deeds did keep him from despair.
God made, my Christ, Christ you, my friend, tis then but due,
That thanking God for Christ, I likewise should thank you.
The Feast of thanks will come, I know you’ll keep the day,
This Present I present, to justify you may.
My pen and prayers, sir, now all my riches are,
My pen subscribes that I, my prayers will not spare
To woo the blessed Babe, your royal heart to cheer,
And life with health prolong, to Feast him many a year.
That I poor pastors may, long joy in blest J.D.
And long may wear the Title of, Your Servant B.


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