Pastor Fido is a ghost writer.   He is a ghost writer in every sense of the word, he has been dead now for centuries.  Pastor Fido, a protestant minister, wrote in 1652 in England using a penname.  He wrote in defense of Christmas, against a newly emerged attack, the first of its kind in history.  Much of what he refuted continued to grow in popularity and a fair amount of it has become “accepted truth” in our day.

His writing is only available in a pdf facsimile, available at the wonderful website dec25th.info that is hard to read due to its scan quality, type face, and most importantly because it was written in 1650 English.   English must be translated into English if we are to read it easily today, primarily the spelling.

I transcribed the entire work into wordpress.  I am sure I have made typographical errors.  I omitted any latin/greek and presented only the english translation of those passages, using Pastor Fido’s translation.   Names of the ancient fathers of the church may exhibit spellings different from the modern ones you are used to.  Citations of works are often hard to discern so please consult the pdf facsimile if you are attempting to follow up.   In case something looks wrong or doesn’t make sense please consult the pdf.   There is often an odd manner of numbering points starting from 2 leaving the scribe to discern where point 1 started.  I’ve done my best.  Any comments I have added are in [ ] and they are rare.

In general I will accept comments under the articles for purposes of clarifying and correcting my data entry, to make it match Pastor Fidos original.   I will also accept comments thanking the scribe for his long and labor intensive work.   It was not a simple task.   I will not be accepting comments wanting to argue with Pastor Fido’s points.   This is just a blog publishing a book, and the blog is not to be a blog of argument.  You have the rest of the internet for that after all.


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